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Right then.

Went earlier today to apply at a local seafood place down the street that I know is hiring. Turns out they uh. Didn't have any actual applications since they forgot to make copies. But they took down all my information, save experience and references. So when they actually can make copies, they'll call me up. Couldn't do it then because their main manager wasn't there, so I guess they couldn't get to the copier or something, idk. It's a cute place and it seems to do well on the weekends when we do pass by, so.

Started rewatching Heroes earlier, mainly for Isaac. I'm a sucker for fellow artists, even the heroin addicts. And yet somehow I fell asleep an hour in and just woke up. Huh. I guess that's what I get for eating earlier in the afternoon rather than 2am.

For Disney, Mae and I were given two options: We could be put on a list to transfer to a different store if they had a spot open, or we could work one day a month until they relocate to keep in contact with the company. Iiiii don't trust that first option because I don't know how to commute to the other stores. So I think I'll be taking option B. Still, the offer's nice anyway.

I think... I'm going to maybe start doing graphics tutorials again. Or something. I've seen a lot of talk around about lack of ability to icon and that shouldn't happen. 8| I WILL RECTIFY THIS SO THAT ANYONE CAN DO SOME KIND OF ICONNING OF THEIR OWN. Yes. I like this idea.

Anyway, my head's kind of swimming, so I think I'm going to lay down some more. Callin shift tomorrow, not sure if they're taking it or not. We'll find out in the morning.
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