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Okay, flist-chans.

I'm in a serious financial bind here, and am in need of very serious help. As most all of you know, I'm essentially losing my job a week from today and haven't been able to get another job lined up yet, and I'm already behind on other bills. I really, really need money.

So it's that time again.


THAT'S RIGHT. I've still got one commission I'm slowly working on (orz sorry, Joly, but it's taking me a while to clean that scan up) and one other commission on backup waiting on another part to be done. Under the LJ cut is all the information and everything if you're intersted.


I generally work in S2 style with premade templates, anywhere I can find some for. I also like to mix/match different parts of coding for different results. I usually work with anime/game images, but I can certainly do movie/tv series stuff too. I'll also tell you that I can and will make layouts for RP journal accounts too if you're into that. Layouts for a friend? Sure, why not.

I also do graphics/table coding for userinfos, if you're interested in that.

I will make this very clear and up front. You are paying for the graphic work and coding edits, NOT the coding itself. I'll give you information for who to credit for the coding when I email you the codes. JUST MAKING THAT CLEAR, MMKAY?


S2 layouts are more common and easier to work with, especially if you're using all those nifty premade templates. That's basically you bring me an image, pick some main colors (or just say surprise me). I make a header, find a template that works well with it, I run it by you and make any final changes, and then email you the coding.

projection || redstrength || not_methuselah

Just some examples of how editing for S2 layouts can look.

Profile graphics/layouts are pretty simple, but the code editing is a bit more time consuming depending on what you want to put in there. I can make something to match a current layout, or just something random.

Projection || RedStrength || Isotropicons

Again, just some examples of how they can look. I can work with different templates if you have something in mind.


So, given that you're paying for the graphic work, pricing is a bit on the cheap side, though it will vary depending on how much work I need to do to prep the image before I can start it.

S2 layouts: $20
Profile Layouts: $10
S2 Layout + Matching Profile: $25 flat rate

IMPORTANT! Seeing as I really am in a bind, I will be asking you to pay up front. So before you start saying you're interested, make sure it's something you really want and have the money for. Right now, I'm willing to accept paypal or a money order, whichever you prefer to pay by.


I would need an image to work with (the larger the image, the easier). If it's a magazine scan, it may take longer to complete the commission for cleaning it up and all that jazz, but it'll get done. I would also need you to pick one or two main colors for the main theme unless you'd rather just let me see what happens. If you want any particular phrases or lyrics, let me know that too. Otherwise it'll just be a blank graphic with your username.


I also do make icon sets for various things, be it for RP journals or just someone wanting a lot of icons of a character. I can do as little as 5 icons in a set and the most of 20.

Personal journal icon sets are like what I would do for isotropicons. Like... with actual effects and shit lmfao ):

RP journal icon sets are simpler since it's for RP, mainly for expressions and shit like that. I can work with most any character if you're interested in this as well.

5 Icons: $3
10 Icons: $6
15 Icons: $9
20 Icons: $12

If you want an odd number not listed, price is going to vary but not by much lmfao ):

This entry is public, so please please PLEASE share this around. I really need the help.
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