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Well, I was going to blindfold Laura and throw her into the car and take her on a mystery fieldtrip, buuuuut she decided to go see a movie with her coworkers instead. But that's okay. She'll get the rough treatment soon. Very soon, oh yes.

Work was kind of... everywhere tonight. Got there and was tired, then got pretty pepped up (because ohdude. They made a plush of Oliver. OLIVER. fjklasjf *dies*) and generally in a good mood. Then Kim showed up and I started getting stressed because Hi My name is Kat and I am scared to death of authority in any form. Had to take a few minutes to myself in the back and was going to leave an hour early. Got better and cheered up, and ended up leaving 45 minutes later than my original scheduled leave.

Just... yeah. Weird. For me, at least.

Going to start calling places back Monday. My shifts this next week are only three days, all callin shifts that I have doubts on. Mae and Sharon are offering to let me take a day of theirs, so that'll probably help.

Anyway, need to finish eating and do one or two things, then get a start on these commissions.
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