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Huh. So the service manager over at Dave and Buster's knows my old kitchen manager from the restaurant in Monroe. Interesting. SIGH if only Nick had sucked it up and made me a server before I moved to Boise, I probably wouldn't have had to have the conversation at all. Ah well. Still, nice guy, all in all. Hopefully I'll hear back later this evening from him.

Going uptown again tomorrow afternoon to apply at some other places. Here's to hoping something bites.

Saw that Ohkubo has a series being printed here in the US. I think I may try to find it online to read somewhere since only the first volume is published so far. I didn't get the chance to really look into it, so I'm not sure what to make of it. But we'll see uhuhu.

Also, new Bakuman chapter? Why you so sad. I think the beginning of that moved a bit too fast, but that may just be me. Not what I wanted to happen, but ah well.

I think I'm going to watch some stuff to kill time until I hear back from that manager.
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