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I've really got to stop falling asleep so early in the evening. I get the feeling I miss out on a lot when I do that. And I will also inevitably wake up at 5:30 in the morning every time.

I was informed I have to take pictures of my hair. 8| THIS IS STILL UNDER HEAVY CONSIDERATION for the facts that (a) I am not photogenic, (b) I am ass ugly, (c) my camera's pretty shit, and (d) I am ass ugly. I felt that it needed to be stated twice for the record.

I thought yesterday about maybe starting to write again. I haven't written any original stuff in a while now, so maybe it'd be interesting to go back now. Hmmm.

I guess for now to get the juices flowing:

• pick two characters - one of yours, one of mine
• give me a prompt - song lyric, quote, whatever

Uh. Don't expect much, but I'll try to make them special?
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