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Fell asleep at 10PM
Woke up at 6AM

I give up on this body.

Also, job interview at 12:30. I've got kind of a weird skeevy feeling, so I need to make sure Mae comes in with me. We'll see what happens. Who knows, maybe that feeling's just misplaced and there's nothing wrong.

May work out for a bit to get the blood pumping since I'm awake this early. We've got the car today, so I may go to some places later this afternoon to give applications to.

ugh I can't stand being awake this early if I'm not working. wth body.

edit; Fuck it, that squicky feeling isn't going away and it's only getting worse the later it gets. I don't like it and I'm usually right when I get those feelings. Cancelling this interview with an apology. I'll find something else.
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