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オタクバトン - OTAKU BATON
( translated by sapuri00 ! tagged by heartaddiction because she likes to see me squirm ! filled by me~ )

(Your five favourite female characters.)

❶ Rem Saverem ⇒ Trigun Maximum
❷ Hikaru Shidou ⇒ Magic Knight Rayearth
❸ Natsuki Krugar ⇒ Mai-HiME
❹ Tenou Haruka ⇒ Sailor Moon
❺ Sizer ⇒ Violinist of Hameln

(↑Who do you like the most?)

Oh my god, I think Mandy gave me this meme to horrify me. I generally don't like female characters in anime/manga ever because they're usually just really flat. BUT SINCE I HAVE TO PICK ONE, it'd really have to be Haruka. She's strong, both mentally and physically, and she knows her duties and sees them through no matter what. She doesn't give a shit what you think because she knows where her loyalty lies and that the end justifies the means sometimes. I really adore strength like that and not many female characters are written like that anymore. Like... yes, they'll have that aspect, but they always try to include some deep, hidden angst or some bullshit. They just don't make girls like Haruka anymore these days. ):

(Your five favourite male characters.)

❶ Duo Maxwell ⇒ Gundam Wing
❷ Hamel ⇒ Violinist of Hameln
❸ Graham ⇒ Shamanic Princess
❹ Nicholas D. Wolfwood ⇒ Trigun Maximum
❺ Rain Jewlett ⇒ Immortal Rain

(↑Who do you like the most?)

aflasdjf INFINITELY HARDER THAN CHOOSING FEMALES IS NARROWING DOWN MY TOP FIVE MALES. I love male characters so much. ;_; I seriously thought of ten right off the bat and had to narrow it down fjdsf SO HARD.

As for my absolute favorite, I... honestly can't pick one. ;_; I love them all too much and just jfklasjfffff Like. Wolfwood is such a sympathetic character and written beautifully in the manga, and his intentions and GAH. And Duo and Hamel are both such well developed characters and their motives are never changed throughout the series. AND I RELATE TO GRAHAM A LOT ON A PERSONAL LEVEL which is kind of terrifying if you consider the character himself, but. I really adore him and his devotion and him toughing up and moving on past the whole "omg you pulled me from my own world, gave me a completely different form and a disfigured one at that" and did everything he could to try and protect Tiara physically and emotionally and fjasdkljf And Rain ohmygod. I just have a thing for priest characters that aren't really priests and he's just so sweet and dorky and pure with his intentions and he's just so wonderful but surprisingly pedo when it comes to Machika and jfkladjf


(Your three favorite games.)

❶ Devil May Cry (#3 in particular)
❷ Silent Hill series

FFIX is probably my absolute favorite out of this trio -- it's so different from the newer Final Fantasies, in plot and general design and character archetypes. I love the fact that Zidane is not a broody hero. But I can honestly say DMC fixation is entirely Kara's fault from when I lived with her, and Silent Hill 2 was actually my first PS2 game ever, so it holds a special place to me. I don't know if I'll ever pick up the franchise again because... really, Silent Hill kind of ended at 4 for me, but I've heard a few good things about the new one, so I'll look into it when I can.

(Your favorite anime seiyuu?)

➝ female; Megumi Hayashibara ⇒ I'm so thrilled they got her back to do Lina Inverse again for the new Slayers series fjasdklfj ;___; I don't pay much attention to female seiyuus though since that whole... hate on girl characters... yeah...
➝ male; TOSHIHIKO SEIKI ⇒ I've had such a fangirl on him since Duo Maxwell and the half-hour Violinist of Hameln special (he was Raiel jfalsjdEEEE) since forever ago. He really has a good vocal range to me and I love listening to him. ;_;

(Your favorite anison [anime song]?)

➝ Toshihiko Seiki 「Kitto OK!」 ⇒ (Mobile Suit Gundam Wing ⇒ Duo Maxwell character song)
➝ Aki Misato 「君が空だった」 ⇒ (Mai-HiME ⇒ ED)
➝ Ami Koshimizu 「星が奏でるものがたり」 ⇒ (My Otome ⇒ insert song)
➝ Yasushi Ishii 「A Left Foot Trapped in a Sensual Seduction」 ⇒ (Hellsing TV)
➝ Steve Conte 「Call Me, Call Me」 ⇒ (Cowboy Bebop ⇒ insert song)
➝ Yasushi Ishii 「Badrick」 ⇒ (Hellsing Ultimate)
➝ Scudelia Electro 「Shout It Loud」 ⇒ (Jing: King of Bandits OP)

(Do you cosplay? Or, what kind of cosplay would you like to do?)

WHY YES I DO, QUESTIONAIRE. As for the kinds of characters uuuhhh. More often than not, I end up cosplaying characters that I RP heavily for the sake of recognizability. Otherwise, I usually cosplay characters that are comfortable and easy to put together. Not necessarily closet cosplay, but just... not a lot of maintainance required, no extraordinary shit added onto it. Like, my next two big cosplays are going to be Liz Thompson (Soul Eater) and Ichiro (Nerima Daikon Bros). Not much sewing involved, really, but still some work and they're semi-recognizable.

(Does the one actually wanting it : in the animated cartoon, the cartoon, and the game?)

I-i would actually kill for a redo of the Violinist of Hameln anime. Now that the original manga has officially finished being scanlated and a new series has started, popularity is obviously picking up. And BONES has been repicking series to redo, and I heard there's some rumor somewhere about them considering VoH redo so fjalsdjf. I'd also really love for them to redo the Magic Knight Rayearth anime, but I'm not going to hold my breath on that one. 8(

(What makes you feel "MOE" the most?)

O-oh man. Clumsy boy characters that try to act tough. Like, Ryoga Hibiki? HNNNNNGGGHHHHH And andand just. Any character like that -- incredibly strong and devoted, but have moments of utter retardation. Duo, Death the Kid, Ryoga, anyone like that. I lose it, man. ):

(Five people who you pass this baton to.)


I have nothing interesting to say right now. 8| CARRY ON.
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