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FFFFFFFFFFFUUUU-- THIS BOY. AND THAT VOICE. AND THE HAIR. fajskldfj Remastered Gundam Wing why are you so amazingly beautiful to look at in general? This shit is gorgeous. aaahhhh and the music THE MUSIC, I still love this series so much fjaskldjf This really is the series that made me love mecha series so much aklsjdf

Rent's been dropped off, along with that overdue electric bill which I still firmly believe was not our fault to begin with, but wtfever. Slept for a few hours last night, so I'm... a bit better than I was.

I wonder how long it'd take if I redid all my icons and rekeyworded.

edit; AND OHMYGOD THIS MOODTHEME I LOVE IT fajsdkfj it's so cute what the fuuuuuck
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