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oh lawd, I just realized I never did write anything up for new Soul Eater animu and mango.

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh Mae and I had really been looking forward to this one for the last few weeks because YES WE GET TO SEE SHINIGAMI-SAMA FIGHT WITH SPIRIT IN HAND. And I liked the idea of actually seeing the Kishin do something other than molest Arachne's chest with his face. SO EXCITEMENT WAS ALREADY TOTALLY THERE.

But I was really surprised by the amount of discussion that was actually going on. I'm still waiting for subs to come out, but I'm guessing a good chunk of it is Asura and Shinigami talking about the past, and the overall idea of the insanity being spread. But I can't really be sure, since there's so much BAM! POW! and voice changing going on a lot while they're talking. Like, Shinigami-sama's voice changes so much while he's talking, there were some parts I didn't realize it was him. But it works.

Highlight of the episode, though, was... yeah, call me predictable, but I loved watching Angela kick Black*Star where it hurts. ): I don't like him in the anime, sue me.

I kind of jinxed myself watching this, because around the time Shinigami-sama and Asura were wrapping up their fight, I looked over to Mae and said, "You know, this kind of makes up for that bullshit last week." And then Kishin does something predictable that I should have seen coming and AAAAHHH.

I will always. Always feel sorry for Kid, no matter what medium he's in. He always seems to get the shaft no matter where he is and I feel bad for it. It's moments like this in the series that I remember Kid's just barely 15 years old, and that really makes my heart ache (...sob what is former teacher life). I would say Shinigami-sama's dead, but BONES has been copping out on their deaths in this series, so I'll wait for subs. But Kishin finally did do one thing I was waiting for anyone to do, and thank God he did. Anime-verse Arachne has bugged me for a while, and he finally did something about it. >8D

Looks like next week, we'll get some Justin and Giriko action, finally. And some MakaxSoul too. +_+ I'm just really glad BONES is remembering that Asura is the main villian in this series. I think Ohkubo's getting wrapped up in this Baba Yaga's Castle arc that he's forgetting that. Or maybe he has something planned in the manga all along, who knows anymore.

afjlasdkjklj AAAAHHHH /SCREAM

Some of the shit in the beginning of this chapter is so fucking creepy. PARTICULARLY, THE FACES OF THE PEOPLE GETTING MINDFUCKED IN THE FIRST COUPLE PAGES. But Black*Star has redeeming qualities in this chapter and Sid's being role model for his students and Tsubaki has two lines in the entire chapter and that thrills me.

And thank you, Soul, for finally using that brain of yours because I always knew it was good for something. Outsmarting your inner-demon, GOOD JOB. But that really was a really smart idea, and the look on Arachne's face was wonderful. AND HOLYSHIT MAKA IN A BLACK BLOOD DRESS YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS KEEP BEING KICKASS, YOU TWO.

And fjklajdf yeah, again. I will always feel sorry for Kid in every medium ever. But nenena's right, it did look like he was trying to grasp BREW in his hands. I do think it would be kickass if he managed to bust out of that book with Sanzu lines all around. I doubt Ohkubo would go that far because that'd just be "LOL OVERPOWERED" but still. A fangirl can dream. ):

Also, remembering what I said with rewritten last week, I seriously am wondering where Marie and Stein are in the manga. It's technically been over at least a year, if not more, since we've last seen them in the manga. They better come in and be awesome. >T

But this chapter seemed to hit up on everyone, save Stein, Marie, and Spirit. I'm glad Ohkubo remembered most everyone this time around. MAYBE NEXT WEEK HE'LL KEEP UP WITH EPIKU BATTORU. Want to see Maka fight in that dress unf.
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