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OH MY GOD I love this series so much flkajsdklf

I will never, ever get over how beautiful the artwork in this series is. Every panel looks so well done and not half-assed and I love it.

O-OKAY SO. A lot of my excitement is merely from the fact I've been waiting about two years to see this volume because no one will upload it or scanlate it anywhere for whatever reason. But afjklsdf I THINK. Just for the RainxMachika reunion at the end? It was worth it. And Machika and Yuca are adorable working together. But thank you so much, Joly for scanning your copy and uploading all of it.

I was also really happy to see Sharem finally punch the hell out of her husband. I'm assuming it had something to do with him making some comment about Yuca Ys not coming back with her and some crack about their former son, but. All the same, I'm glad she did it. >\ And whatserface coming and bringing her back her earrings fjasklfj ;___; Shareeeem She doesn't get enough love, seriously.

And EEEUUUURYYYYY meeting up again with the doctor lmfao. AND OHGOD MACHIKA WHY WOULD YOU EVER. I wanted to slap this girl so much when she insisted on injecting herself with the Angel formula. jfaklsjdf THINK ABOUT RAIN. WHAT WOULD HE THINK IF HE KNEW WHAT YOU DID. fjasklfjkladsjf

AND OHGOD DORA. ASSHOLE, I was really hoping they would get there in time to stop him from getting the crucifix implanted, but. Seeing him turn into an Angel after Machika ripping it out was nice. 8) I actually think he's... better looking when he had the half-Angel face going on before, sob. But maybe that's just me faldfj Angel!Dora wasn't all that freaky, to be honest. I was kind of hoping for something more menacing with all the build up to it. AND RAIN. flaksjdf


THIS FACE. AAAAAAAHHHHHH THIS FACE fjaskldfj He just looks so tired. Which... I guess after having the crucifix ripped out after 600 years and trying to fight off Angel infectants and trying to find your girlfriend and best friend and then actually GETTING THERE would make one tired. But just. fjlaksdjf That face.

The fight with Rain and Dora is kind of anti-climactic, which leads me to believe we'll be seeing angel!Dora again. Since... he only kind of fell over the waterfall area. B-BUT. RAIN. And Yuca puts the crucifix back in and Machika came in and just tackled him fajsdklfj I almost cried, but again, it may just be that it's been almost two years since volume 8 came out so it's like the tension only lasted that much longer than it really should have fjasdkljf

I love this series. I really, really do love it. I don't care how many people say it's boring to them and uninteresting. It's so beautiful in artwork and character relationships. ;_; I want more of it now jfaksdjf

In non-fandom related shit, wow. Um. Slept for about twelve hours straight. That felt nice, and sleeping that long, I avoided most of the imminent headache from last night's drinking. 8)

I should probably go pick up tags, but I'm so ADD right now. I'LL GET THEM LATER jfklajsd
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