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Aw hell.

I'm kind of dizzy right now and dazed right now because of some other things, but damn. My first thoughts on this whole episode was "FUCK YES QUALITY IS BACK". Second thought is "LINES OF SANZU YEEEEEEEEEEEES".

I can't remember what order anything happened in this episode even if I did just watch it ahaha. ): But I'm reminded that Maka is not a dumbass and figured shit out before it got too late. And yay nude symbolism. I'm honestly glad that whole thing is over and they can quit using it as a fake "character development" for angst and they can just do what they need to do. +_+; The scene at the piano with the painting was just so sweet.

And fuck, Black*Star, you're becoming tolerable for me what is this. 8( He was actually pretty awesome this episode around.

And at least the Kishin knows who the real threat is. JUST UH. Resonance doesn't work so well if you're kind of dead, Kid. 8(

But yeah, previews last episode trolled me hard, but aaaahhhh Lines of Sanzu /SCREAM WAS NOT EXPECTING ALL THREE LINES. WAS ONLY EXPECTING ONE though from the start I wasn't expecting the lines to be mentioned in the anime at all so it was a nice surprise. I may have to wait for subs before I figure some things out but aaahhh yeah.

Anyway, here's episode 49 subbed for anyone who needs it.

Oh and anyone who hasn't, you go and read Ever After right now. The artwork is really beautiful and the story is A+++. I just wish the artist would come and finish it, but all the same it's wonderful and you all should read it. >8(

I'm sorry, there's probably funnier and more interesting people than me right now. I think I'm kind of useless besides giving uploads people may not even need ahaha. Maybe I'll be important to someone someday, eh? Until then. o/
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