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jfklasdfjkj oh sweet Jesus

CHESTRA WILL NEVER STOP BEING CREEPY TO ME. EVER. I don't care how many scans and images I've seen of him, he is always creepy.

JUST. HIM. SITTING THERE WITH HALF HIS BODY BLOWN OFF DRINKING THAT EMPORER'S BLOOD LIKE A BAMF ~*THING*~. afaksdjf SCREAM I kind of liked him with curly hair in earlier panels better, though. sob.

Fffffff I can't believe I'm breezing through this manga. Why did I have such a hard time doing it the last five years jfaksjf I always stopped at like chapter 75 for some reason. BUT AAAAHHH CHESTRA

Nothing else coherent here except ...that. Yeah. 8|

Okay, Gundam00 when I finish this series, and then I'll... attempt.... starting D-Gray Man. why does that have to be a weekly series. Why is there so much. fjajksdf I don't want to read all that augh. /lazy forever

edit; 9am

Sob my budget notebook has fallen victim to my doodle infection. 8( I've given up on keeping a budget, man. Maybe I'll start it back up after this unemployment kicks in or I get a stable job, one or the other. Maybe both, idk. We'll seeeee. But so many doodles and sketches have taken over this poor notepad. My sketchbook is completely full so I'll make do with this until I can buy a new one. I may stick this in photoshoop and ~digitize~ it, idk.

Ahaha I had to look up an old entry from last summer for some coding I forgot how to do, and man... I was a lot more fun then. 8( I really miss just spazzing and capslocking like I used to. What is life these days. Maybe once things get better around here I can go back to feeling like that.

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