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Looks like some of that virus stuff was a bust or I got my stuff updated just in time, idk. Either way, looks like I'm okay.


AS PER 4TH WALLING DAYS, Any of you and all of you are more than welcome to go spam the hell out of Hikaru's journal as much as you want with any journals you want (within my very small limitation stated in ooc). I WANT TO SPAM WITH YOU GUYS, ESPECIALLY IF I DON'T GET TO PLAY WITH YOU ANYWHERE (I'm looking at you CFUD, Island, Skytides, and Discedo >|).

Her 4th wall post is here!

I'm going to sleep for a few hours right now, but I'll pick up tags when I wake up later in the morning, so enjoy yourselves! I've been spamming and trolling and test running different characters all morning, so you can definitely use it for that too! Seriously, this is a fantastic way to testrun characters you aren't sure about yet. I highly recommend it.

Anyway, I love all you guys and hope you don't get pranked too badly today ♥
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