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lol I should probably do this so I don't forget later.

First and foremost, I've been skeptical about this anime redo since I first heard about it months ago and I don't have a lot of faith in BONES' storytelling for this one, manga-adaptation or not. I'm seriously in this for the images for graphics and the wtf factor.

But this first episode... was horrible, to be entirely honest. BONES started this new series out with filler and character introduction, something that could have and should have been done in a spacious way. There are a shitton of characters that are important to the story and dropping a good third of them into the first 20 minutes of the series while dealing with a canon fodder villian was stupid. ugh why would they ever.

But this episode is supposed to take place before the brothers go to Liore (Alphonse is like, "GDIT WE JUST GOT OUR TICKETS TO GO OUT THERE WHY THIS GOTTA HAPPEN NOW" except... not really but you get the idea.) They tried to overdo the jokes in a way to tell newer audiences, "HEY. HEY THIS IS WHAT GETS TO HIM, YOU GET IT? DO YOU? HERE LET ME FORCE MORE OF IT INTO THE SCRIPT TO MAKE SURE YOU KNOW HE HATES THIS." The eyecatch also kind of terrified me and I'm praying it's not a permanent thing. There were a few aludes to Father throughout the episode as well (apparently Isaac had a piece of philosopher's stone that piqued Father until it was gone? idek man).

The animation was nice, but I didn't really notice anything outstanding about the music. It may take a few episodes for me to find anything I like about it. That may be one of the few pros about this series, is nicer animation and the fact it's styled more like the manga. Something that bohters me, though, is the way they're coloring Ed's hair. There's no definite black outline, it's just a darker gold outline for it. ajfkladjf I don't know why that bugs me but it does.

The OP showed some promise, however. Firstly, young Hohenheim *^* I told Ash this morning, I'd seriously go straight for that boy. A stud and a pretty good personality? Hell yes. But ahem. You know what? The OP is just gorgeous to watch to begin with. The timing is nicely done and the animation is gorgeous to watch, particularly Winry and Riza mouthing some of the lyrics. I can't wait for them to release that in textless, I waaaaant. +_+ I'm still trying to figure out what they were doing with the closing. I mean, I know the animation was supposed to be like homage to the OP and ED of the original anime, but come on. It's a cute song, at least.

Hopefully once they get into the actual plot, it'll get better. We hope.

All in all, don't bother watching this episode. It's kind of pointless all around. Next week's going to be flashback to Trisha and the boys, so maybe tune in then, I guess.




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