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hur couldn't sleep last night, so I changed my layout. FUCK YEAH NERIMA DAIKON BROTHERS. Now my journal seems more fitting. ...Roommates included. 8)

I also ended up talking to Luis until like 5AM about Megaman. Fuck I forgot how much of a MM geek I was when I was a kid.

You know, there's something a bit ominous about it storming on Easter morning. I don't know what it is, but eh. Weird feeling I got when I woke up.

I need to remind myself to put in a request off for AKon weekend next time I talk to Sue. +_+; I will gooooo and if not, then ffff I'll just keep saving up for AFest. But we're going to hope I can get off for AKon, oh yes.

and I guess while I'm here.

This second episode was infinitely better than the first. I say this because I have an eternal disliking for unneeded filler episodes and I'm still kind of annoyed that BONES started this NEW IMPROVED series with filler. But we got about half of FMA flashback out of the way, and I really do prefer this version more than what they originally had. Also FUCK YEAH GATEKEEPER +_+ And I paid attention to the soundtrack this episode, and it is really nice. And I still always like watching the brothers deal with the Gate and their trades, so I enjoyed that. 8) And fjlkajdf RIZA. I can't remember in the manga if she was there when Roy went to their house or not, but her and Winry talking made me so happy ;_; ajfkadjsf Needs more moments like this, please.

I can't... really think of anything that bugged me during this episode, other than it's pretty glaringly obvious now that we will be going through the entire Lior arc again. Design-wise, I'm just glad it doesn't look like the made Rose's hair as pink as the original. But uuugggghhhh why do we have to go through this again. But maybe I just automatically think it's better because of last week's filler intro. I'm not really sure. 8(

...I had something else to say here, but now I can't remember it. I may go back to sleep for a while, I'm still really tired from everything.
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