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I just realized I may have used my other day off this last Friday when I was sick. gdit, man. I'l,l uh. Find out today if that's true or not.

lol ohgod RP plot always happens at an ungodly hour of night and while I'm gone during the day fml. I'm going to have to pray this'll be easy for me to keep up with because otherwise, it'd be pretty OOC for Hikaru to not be heavily involved.

I find it almost frightening that I wrote a 6 part app in one sitting without even blinking or having a second thought. Clearly I've been playing this character for too long. But it irks me just a bit to post in Dear Mun because of having to deal with certain other characters. ughughugh not even discussing this further.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh okay work is now.
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