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Haha oh man, I did a friends cut for the first time in a while.

FYI and a reminder: my friends cuts are involuntary. I believe it's up to me who I let read about my life and whose lives I want to read about on a daily basis. So this isn't a "comment to stay" or "message me to be added back" scenerio.

If you're wondering how I went about cutting down my flist, ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly:

1. Did we talk a lot over LJ?
2. If not LJ, did we talk a lot over email?
3. Well, maybe a lot over IM?
4. Did we give well wishes to each other during hard times?
5. Did we give hugs and smiles during good times?

If the answer was "no" to two or more, then that's why.

I read every single entry on my flist, and I care about every single person I have friended. And with me working 50+ hours a week, I don't have the time or patience to give my heart to people that won't give me the same courtesy back. No, I'm not very good at commenting around regularly, but I do at least try to say something during times of need. But I can't do that for people that won't even try to reciprocate. I'm bad at making the first move to get to know anyone. Some of you are so amazing and I have so little confidence to try, and for that, it's caused me a lot of hurt feelings. So it's not entirely you but partly myself as well. But the fact remains that while I may not have felt comfortable reaching out, you yourselves could have tried and didn't.

I'm sorry if this hurts feelings or doesn't make sense to some of you, but I've been letting myself be open to too much hurt these days and I have to put my foot down somewhere. You can keep me friended if you like, but that's your choice. This is mine. But thank you for letting me see parts of your life, even if for a short time.
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