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Okay, so a few nights ago I couldn't sleep, so I started just randomly watching videos I had on my second harddrive. I happened across my copy of the CLAMP in Wonderland 2 video and noticed something.

I'm not that surprised Yuuko would be reading Magic Knight Rayearth but... upside down? Come on. COME ON. And she better pony up where she found a hardback copy if you know what I mean.

Also hi my name is Kat and I've been utterly failing at doing anything productive all day. I ended up dropping so many threads everywhere all day in favor of... just curling up in bed. Not even to sleep, just. Laying there under a blanket. I'm almost over this cold, but I ended up starting my leaking. What fail, body. 8(

Man, I'm just happy to almost be finished with my little side project. ALMOST. Just have to finish some graphics for it and it'll be ready. And fffffffff grabbag curse this weekend. I should probably give my castmates a heads up for that one... Maybe.

Man I had like a shitton of other things to talk about from the last week and now I can't remember any of them. Ah well, maybe if I remember later.
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