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Oh kickass.

There's water everywhere from the storm last night and since I'm on the southwest side of town, we're kind of an island all our own. Most of the feeder roads to get onto the highways around us are closed due to the high floodwaters. So whether someone drives me or I try to take the bus, I can't get to work. And I think most of the buses going eastside aren't running anyway if I heard that right.

Awesome. Another day at home to recover, I guess. Which is fine, I was up most of the night from the thunder anyway. I feel really sick to my stomach right now. ugh.

I think we're going to go see if we can make it to Randall's down the street to get some groceries, but other than that, we're stuck in our apartment until the waters recede.


Work, you truly are a merciless thing, aren't you? I called this morning and was told that I should (a) get a hovercraft and (b) come in later when the waters all drain out. I... don't know if they have or not. I can't find anything about it on the stations now so I'm going to give it a little bit longer to make sure. But I get the feeling someone'll have to come get me because there's a high chance of the rains picking back up later this afternoon. sob.
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