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So, Laura, Mae and I have been RPing together for quite a few years now. And one night several weeks ago, we realized there are quite a number of things to learn. And we've learned a lot through our various experiences in LJRP. I'm sure a large number of people have learned similar things as well, but there's still a big number of people who are just now joining the ranks of LJRPers.

So for the last few weeks, the three of us with some help from a couple of others have compiled a list of 42 things we've learned over the years from LJRP.

1. You learn that sleep is merely an option.

2. Messenger programs are your friend.

3. You will collect journals for characters you have no intention of playing just for the sake of having an epic journal for them.

4. You bookmark wordcount websites.

6. Characters you know and love will inevitably become OOC with the excuse of "in-game circumstances".

7. You will start to budget in late night snacks to your monthly budget.

8. You'll also budget for paid accounts.

10. You learn "stalking" isn't as bad as it is in real life.

11. You'll watch a series you previously had no interest in based solely on character interaction.

12. You learn that insults about your mother are not to be taken seriously, but insults about a fictional character are very serious.

13. (see number 34)

14. You learn communication skills through planning character plots.

15. Songs take on new meanings via game association.

16. You learn which people are open to creative criticism and which ones aren't and how to spot them.

17. The friends you join a game with are not the same people you leave the game with.

18. You learn to schedule priorities around RP events.

19. The friends you make today may be your e-enemies tomorrow.

20. The friends you make today may be more important down the road than you realize.

21. anon memes require mass warnings weeks in advance.

22. Your life will never be as bad as your characters'.

23. Typos can lead to everlasting jokes.

24. Madagascar is always closed.

25. You will do more research for a plot than you would for any job or project.

26. Passive aggression happens more often than talking things out.

27. You will find every playable character ever on dear_mun.

28. You will learn the true meaning of the word "creeper".

29. Your favorite series can be ruined for you by the worst players.

30. You'll have prewritten apologies for any scenario your character may end up in by gameplay.

31. Everything is better if you involve segway. ( thank you, noelleno)

32. Everyone secretly wants their characters to sing Disney songs. (thank you, noelleno)

33. A Gaston will take control of any post he's in.

34. Any paring imaginable will happen somewhere. (see also: amatomnes)

35. When people get their HTML gear up, you can and will be dazzled by a goddamn Cullen. (thank you, ruxi)

36. You get used to crack OTPs.

37. You become dependent on browser tabs.

38. Every mod loves cake.

39. Everything wrong in the world is either a mod's or anon's fault. (thank you, ruxi)

40. There are no numbers 5 or 9.

41. There is no such thing as too many userpics.

42. Always keep your life in a bag because you never know when you could be taken to a strange world with no chance of going home.

This is just a small list of things we've learned over the years and we're sure it rings true to you guys out there too. ♥

- Birch Valley

Note: not everything in this list is to be taken seriously, but listed solely from our own observations of situations arising from different circumstances.
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