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So, fun story.

As I sit here and watch Dane Cook while I work on commissions, I remembered something.

Back around... probably late December early January, when I was working at Disney, there was a night Mae and I were doing reset in the store and Kim (store manager) was there helping us. And there's this rack in the middle for kids' coats and stuff and it's weird because it's like... raised about two inches off the ground with a bottom platform and shit. Anyway.

So I'm reordering the coats by size and we're all bored as fuck because we'd been there all day and no one in our section is talking. Just the three of us in dead silence working.

me: /looks down
me: ....Hey, Kim?
Kim: Yeah?
me: Um. /moving coats around to look at the bottom platform
me: Someone shit on the coats back here.
Kim: What. Where?
me and Mae: /watches her be dead serious
Mae: ...K-kim, it's a joke /trying not to crack up
Kim: A joke?
me: Yes, Kim, it's a standup thing. D:
Kim: You mean that? You're really joking?
me and Mae: Yes. XD

and idk it's still funny to mae and I, but MAYBE IT WAS ONE OF THOSE HAD TO BE THERE THINGS, I DON'T KNOW.

and I've been eating a lot of butterscotch candies the last few days and I can't tell if this is saliva or blood. Huh. Doesn't feel like I've cut anything in my mouth though. /ponders on this
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