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Anyway, fuck yes new chapter on time for once. Glad to finally have shit happening for once. And yet... we're still.. in the same place as before... Esuno, what are you doing. But I'm really fucking ready for the 11th to be dead already. Also, ftlog Yuki stop being so fucking predictable. I TOTALLY CALLED IT ON YOUR PARENTS. God, such a kid. I didn't even feel bad when he was sobbing burying his father. I wonder if that reflects my lack of soul Elle mentioned... Also, I don't see the purpose in killing the 8th right now. Just disconnect her diary from Holon and it solves the problem, work with her and then kill her later when you're the last two. Or maybe I'm just being really simplistic and not seeing something orz.

Sob it's only been one chapter and I miss Nishijima already. .____.

I reiterate: I do not like cappuccinos.
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