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I just had the most retarded dream ever.

So Laura, Mae and I had a fourth roommate whose name escapes me but it was a girl that I swear looked like Watanuki but it wasn't and anyway, I'm sitting trying to read because hur I'm mad even in my subconscious when Mae comes running in. In the dream there's this abandoned house that we all like to hang out at on the end of our block and she's talking about how she found out this dead mafia guy hid a shitton of cash in an old chair and HEY. DEAD. MAFIA. GUY. MONEY'S FREE. So I'm like, "Okay, kids, I have got to see this." So I go over and sure enough, she's got one of the pillows open full of cash. So I start going through and there's like 15 pillows stuffed on the seat, let alone the actual chair itself. I find one of the original cushions and I've got a knife to cut it open when I pause.

"Hey, Mae?"
"The guy's really dead, right?"
"Yeah, of course."
I looked at her sidelong, "Did you check?" Obviously, anyone would check this.

And she lifted up this blanket that was hanging from the wall and there was about six inch tall, six foot long ...not a hole, but just an opening that was built in. Lo and behold, mafia guy inside. But while we're watching him and Mae's about to check, he opens his eyes and we all scream and then he screams. And I don't know what Mae did, but she found some way to kill him and we knew for sure that time.

Around that time, Laura came in from work and wanted to know what the hell was going on so we showed her and the three of us started going through the pillows. And most of what we were finding were twenties and ....British pound bills (I have no fucking clue) but I kept a bunch of those to send to my mother because I knew she'd find them interesting. But we found this circle grey pillow that was full of nothing but hundreds. We stared at it in awe, like we were grateful to every sentient being in existance, each took a small handfull, and then agreed to spend the rest on buying our own house.

And then I woke up.

I... can't... even. All I can say is I fucking wish.

/goes back to sleep
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