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Minor points of interest:

☂ was soaking wet when I got to work because of the rain early this morning. I hate being cold and I hate being wet, the two together put me in a bit of an odd mood. Esmeralda almost drove me insane this morning.

☂ was called "sir" by one of the regulars and he instantly cringed after it was out of his mouth. Incidentally, this doesn't bother me. I've been confused for a guy at my jobs more often than I'll ever admit. ._.

☂ My scheduling manager's kind of an idiot and gave me the wrong leave time today, took the other girl out to lunch and said he'd bring her back by a certain time and she returned an hour later. Really... Thanks, Amin.

☂ But she returned with my paycheck and there will be groceries had this night and it will be glorious. SO HUNGRY. Also kind of tempted to order pizza delivered tonight or something. Marathoning Will&Grace with Mae the next day or two and drinking. I can't wait.

☂ Oh yeah labor day weekend. ...It feels really strange not being at AnimeFest right now. I... don't really like this. This is the first year I've never gone since I started going with Laura. nnngggggg I'll have to have an extra savings account or something to make sure we can all go next year. >T I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN.

☂ I have got to find something else to read. Looking Glass Wars kind of gave me some hope for current literature (perhaps not in actual technique, but in stories). uggghhh I'll have to see what's out and what looks good. Why am I so picky about what I read? 8|

Anyway that's all I've got, going to go intro a character.
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