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Oh. This thing, right.

meme tag from megasquip

1.Comment to this entry saying 'ICONS!' and I will pick 6 of your icons.
2.Make an entry in your own journal and talk about the icons I picked!

I'm really too tired to pick icons, but I'll do it if you guys want? It just may be in a day or two. I was tagged for this two days ago, we see my life priorities right now.

1. Official canon doujin evidence that it's possible for Duo to fanboy and is the closest thing to a *A* icon I'll ever get to. It's more of a "DUDE FUCKING AWESOME" kind of thing.

2. Man, I'm glad he picked this one and not the other one. Anyway, I was marathoning the Matrix trilogy and this is honestly one of my favorite moments in the films -- not for... the scene itself ORACLE NOOOOOOOO but simply for how INSANELY FUCKING HAPPY Agent Smith is. And just like my keywords say, it has every emotion ever in one expression. C:

3. This is entirely Elle's fault. She has this icon of Zelgadis in a journal comment going "I'M THE PRETTIEST" and we started talking about how he has glitter and shit on him in every series and she linked me to one of those BLING UP YOUR PHOTOS sites and yeah. Her fault.

4. This was one of the funniest conversations ever with Char while her keyboard was broken. Just. I can't even explain it, the thread's right here, see it yourself.

5. idk, saw it on /a/ a while back. I'm not really a ToraDora! fan, but I don't have to watch the series to know Taiga's a tsundere bitch and heaven knows I love me some Team Venture photoshooping. BAM. Genius.

6. lol not much story with this one. Laura and I are convinced we're going to cosplay Amelia and Lina (respectively) from this scene at some point in the future (probably distant if we don't forget completely) and Mae made us matching icons of the scene. It's pretty hilarious and totally worth Crispin Freeman singing badly.

anyway that's all there is.

I went to bed with wet hair last night and now it looks like shit on one side. THANKS, YOU GUYS, REALLY. You know who you are. >8T

Yeah, I've got nothing else, just wondering why I only seem to attract the older, very creepy portion of the male gender of my species.
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