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I was ordered by someone to update my journal more so:

1. work still takes hold of me from 4:30am until 11am.
2. then I get home around 12:30 and end up falling asleep for a few hours
3. then move boxes to the new apartment if we have the van, otherwise ....idek what I do anymore when I'm not moving stuff

idk. We marathoned the second half of Princess Tutu over the weekend since we got the full boxset from Best Buy. I forgot how much I love that series hnnngggg.

With me being so busy, my phone or plurk is probably the fastest/easiest way to get a hold of me at all. I text a lot while I'm at work and we aren't busy and I can check plurk occasionally from there so. It doesn't seem like anyone's really needed me while I've been busy, but just in case, yeah?

You and you, I'm going to destroy when I come back to Poly this weekend.

I HAD SOMETHING ELSE TO SAY BUT NOW I CAN'T REMEMBER IT. I should try to sleep, it's late orz
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