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Right so I didn't mention this but when I was packing to move, I was going through the stuff my mother sent me and I found my computer's original manual, installation discs and setup stuff. So I thought, "Okay, when we get settled, I'll reformat my computer the right way so it'll run right, let me repack this where I won't forget its location."

Cue two weeks of me forgetting where I moved it to. Because I'm that amazing.

But I found it a few hours ago, and let me say this: If you ever have to buy a new PC, look for an unheard of brand called Great Value. It's a usually cheap brand (I got a desktop + monitor + mouse + keyboard + speakers for less than $500 back in 2004). It came with XP installed along with all the current drivers, full package Nero Suite, and WinDVD 4. It's relatively easy to upgrade hardware and computer parts if you know basic computer stuff.

And their system recovery discs? Amazing. Took maybe half an hour to delete the partitions and reinstall XP with no hassle at all.

In short: My computer has that new computer smell and I love it dearly. I don't think I can ever get rid of my baby. /PULLS COMPUTER CLOSE

Now to reinstall my soundcard and go get my addons back for firefox uhuhu +_+
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