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Hey guys, it's that time again!


To those not in the RP world, this is basically 24-48 hours that anyone (fans, players, other characters) can come in and talk to characters in game. It's some of the best fun for Poly and we always have a blast every season. So come say hello!

For my own:

Hikaru Shidou: here. It's already a pretty big post, but you're more than welcome to spam anyone to her!
Rain Jewlett: here. Just posted, but it looks like it'll be a fun post already.
Uryuu Minene: not posted yet
Duo Maxwell: not posted yet

I'll post for my other two later tonight or tomorrow morning. I've got a dinner date with some friends tomorrow night, so tags might have to wait until after, but if you don't mind backtagging, neither do I.

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