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I only post stupid shit these days. What a waste I am. Stole this from reconquista WHOSE LINES I CANNOT GUESS.

Step 1: Put your MP3 player or whatever music player you have on random.
Step 2: Post a line/stanza from the first 20 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.
Step 4: Bold the songs when someone guesses correctly. (No Cheating)

♬ Breakin' both my hands, telling me to take it like a man, take it like a man, I can't We Are Scientists - The Great Escape (eyefloss)
♬ You spurn my natural emotions, you make me feel like dirt and I'm hurt Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen in Love (icarus_suraki)
♬ Please don't change, please don't break, the only thing that seems to work at all is you Matchbox 20 - Rainmaker (icarus_suraki)
♬ Baby I knew at once that you were meant for me, deep in my soul I know that I'm your destiny
♬ A whole race Genocide, Taken away all of our pride
♬ I have a few songs about remorse, and I sing until my voice gets hoarse
♬ We'll gather around the fire, and I'll lead the choir, sing farewell, see you in hell Foo Fighters - Hell (eyefloss)
♬ Harvesting the kidneys for the fall, Savin' up the livers in the fridge Repo! - Thankless Job (stopping)
♬ A little sympathy for you to waste on me, I know you're faking it but that's okay
♬ And then you drift asleep, to dream of life anew, and I lie wondering, just what, I should do...
♬ And as we walked we were talking, I didn't say half the things I wanted to
♬ Dare mo kizukanai kono yume no ketsumatsu o, Towa no sayonara ni obiete naite ita
♬ And I've had so many men before, In very many ways, He's just one more. Yvonne Elliman - I Don't Know How to Love Him (iron)
♬ This is one time, this is one time, That you can't fake it hard enough to please everyone, Or anyone at all.
♬ And there's an aching inside my head, It's telling me I'm better off alone, But after midnight morning will come Nelly Furtado - Turn Off the Lights (icarus_suraki)
♬ I've put my trust in you, Pushed as far as I can go, For all this Linkin Park - In the End (stopping)
♬ It's the last place I knew you, Blame all the children, They're raging and ruined Foo Fighters - Lonely as You (eyefloss)
♬ They sang when you were born, and when you died they mourned, oooh they killed the lion
♬ Then with the eyes tightly shut looking though the rust and rotten dust Linkin Park - Forgotten (stopping)
♬ And you say now that it hurts you the same, Is there something here to believe

God, good luck with some of these. :| Oh, iTunes, you bring out only the most embarrassing music for these memes.

GOOD GOD HOW AM I STILL AWAKE what is wrong with me. I should sleep but I'm so weird aaaahhhh
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