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Thank you for the v-gifts, everyone! They were really nice to wake up to. ;A; /puts them in a safe place uhuhu

Anyway, meme srs poll because it's time! AND I'M MAKING THIS ONE, SO.

Everyone knows there's going to be a Zombie Apocolypse in the future. No one knows when or how it will start, but it never hurts to be prepared or to have a plan for future generations. Answer the following eight questions to ensure your zombie plan.

o1. For starters, what kind of home to do you live in and how can it be used as a tactical advantage? What kinds of defenses would you put on your home to ensure your safety?

I'm living in a one story ranch style house on a hill with woods behind me. With our windows, we can see anything in the front or back of the house and one side. If they're coming up the back, we'd have enough time to get them back down the hill. As for setting up a defense, I think we have enough of this wood flooring to board anything up that they might break in through.

I'd definitely get food together in one place and get all the bottled water we have together away from windows and doors. Maybe in the hallway.

o2. Okay, what kinds of found weapons are around that you can use?

My God, it's unbelievable what kind of random shit we have in this house. We've got hammers, crutches, any number of yard tools. The only catch with the yard tools is that they're in the shed, so you'd have to make a run for it. :|a My weapon of choice would probably be one of the shovels.

o3. Are there any real lethal weapons (guns, blades, etc)?

I'm sure there are a couple handguns around the house and we do have a machete somewhere around here. I'd probably keep the machete on hand and only use the gun as an emergency for the sake of saving ammo.

o4. So if they broke through your defenses, what would you do? Re-fortify? Move to somewhere else?

Scream a lot and try to get them out to board up whatever they broke through, then figure out the next best location. Stock up on food and water to take with me, make sure I have ammo with me, map out the best route to get there and how (walk? the cars? probably take the cars if they hadn't been destroyed).

o5. Looks like they've gotten in and there's no way to salvage the home fortress. You've got to move. Where do you plan to go? How do you prepare yourself to get there?

WELL SHIT MAN. I would most likely head to the movie theater. Hear me out! Firstly, if you find a good one, it's going to have good food (I've seen some movie theaters that have an inside restaurant with steak and shit, I kid you not) and there's plenty of water there. It has strategic advantages as far as defense goes. You could hole yourself up in almost any of the upstairs screening rooms and be able to see both the theater and the stairs leading up to the room and defend it. If one gets to where you can no longer defend it, you have others you can do the same for. It'd be easy to lose them if they chased you anywhere. Not to mention while you wait, you could watch a movie. :>

The downside to this plan is that there aren't many found weapons you could use. I mean, you could throw the reels at them to distract them, there's some cleaning equipment, but other than that, I can't think of anything you could actually use to decapitate them or anything right off hand. A slight disadvantage, but. ):

o6. Do you gather other survivors along the way, or do you travel alone?

I admit, I'm a softie and I'd probably be scared out of my mind, so I'd pick up people along the way. Probably not that many because the more people you have with you, the more noise you're making. I'd try to keep my group down to about four people if I could help it. And should it happen (because we know it will), I'd shoot someone in my group if they became a zombie. Things happen and sacrifices have to be made. :| I would expect anyone else to do the same if I became one of them.

o7. All right, you're at your new safe house. What do you do to secure it?

Move all the shit in the lobby I can over to blockade the two pairs of doors. I wouldn't worry about the side or back exit doors; they're thick, heavy and have no windows and only swing outward, so it'd be extremely difficult for them them to break through. Not to say they couldn't, but they wouldn't be my priority. I'd try to find some way to secure the glass on the ticket booths outside because if they got in there, they could use the door there to get into the building. After knowing the doors were secure, I'd go around each theater room and empty the trash cans and put large weapons in them. That way if I have to run out a theater fighting, I could just grab one as I open the door.

o8. Should the inevitable happen and you have to leave your town for dead, where do you go from there?

I would try to find my way to Houston, tbh. I know the girls have their zombie plan and I can get behind that. At this moment in time, they have a good defensable location and should we have to move, Houston has a lot of good areas for defense. I probably wouldn't stay in Louisiana unless there was a really good location I come across that I could use.

Okay that took up a good hour, but I have to find something else to do since I can't sleep. :|a But yes! Pass this around, answer it as you will. I want to see other people's zombie plans. :>
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