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FMA 102: SCREAM. ROY, BABY. /holds ALPHONSE OH GOD. /holds too

Bakuman: thank God that storyline finally got cleared up. Now we can go back to HOT BLOODED MANGA WRITING

Soul Eater: ....how do I even-- I mean HI CRONA.

I'm torn between screaming and being confused. I mean, FUCK YES, NEW AMERICAN MCGEE'S ALICE GAME, but also it looks... so...weird. idk this may be old news for you guys. Might be because it's a stop-motion trailer. Also the fact that it was fanmade. Lol come on, EA, release your own trailer. The fans even beat you to this.

And lol mom watched the old Disney Alice in Wonderland with me last night. She was sitting here like, "....I don't even remember any of this, what the hell."

OH YEAH ONE MORE THING. LMFAO I CANNOT EVEN. I'M TOO BUSY LAUGHING. Man, my religion. 8( I'm so glad I'm nondemoninational. Makes me feel a little better.

Did you guys also know that most children are "unrepentant sociopaths"? NO, REALLY? I HAD NO IDEA. Why do we spend tax money on useless studies like this? What a waste of time and money.

hnnnggg my head's killing me, I need to take some medicine. YOU ALL HAVE A KICKASS FRIDAY, I'LL POST LATER TONIGHT ABOUT THE MOVIE.
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