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May 2010 be merry and bright, your needs met and wants fulfilled. Move on without looking back, step forward without regrets. May 2010 bring you new friends and may it bring you closer to old friends. We move on to this new year in hopes that our lives will become richer in all things: love, friendship, and experiences. Blessings upon you and all that you do in this new year.

Thank you, friends who have stayed by me throughout the year for being my support and my anchor. Thank you, friends no longer with me, for helping me realize my mistakes and shortcomings. I will change, and I will not let your hurt be in vain. I hope to become someone I can be proud of because of realizing those mistakes. I'm only sorry that they happened from the start. But 2010 will be a year of passing for me; I will not look back. I will not regret. I will move forward.

It's the year of the Tiger. I'll use this year to my advantage and strengthen myself mentally and emotionally.
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