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k north some: kasldgjl give me a moment to fix that tag, I FORGOT IT WAS STRUCK THROUGH.

youreyesdown: GO FOR IT

k north some: ... even though it was right in front of me.

youreyesdown: /patpat

[a few minutes + tags later]

youreyesdown: HEY
youreyesdown: HEY THORN
youreyesdown: THAT'S IN STRIKEOUT

k north some: ...

youreyesdown: just thought I'd let you know :>

k north some: IS IT RE-- goddammit.
k north some: --wait.

youreyesdown: /patpat :3

k north some: NO IT ISN'T.
k north some: I HATE YOU.
k north some: --oh wait.

youreyesdown: AHAHAHAHAHA

k north some: You meant the comment you just pos--
k north some: SHUT UP.

youreyesdown: /DYING

k north some: /HATES YOU FOREVER OMG

Yep this was pretty much my day. Tormenting Thorn and watching Psych. We also decided there was no Christmas episode this year due to Shawn having to recover from that gunshot in the last episode aired in November, thus causing him to lose the Christmas gift round to Henry and he's spent the last two months sulking and no one wants to watch Shawn Spencer sulk for two months. Best fans ever, yes, we are.

Have to go back to work tomorrow night, so better sleep soon /o/
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