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1. Where and when did you start RPing?
Mmmmmmmaybe ten years ago? idk, I was a freshman in highschool so that sounds about right. Though at the time, I didn't realize it was RPing. I was just writing as a character in a given setting. :|a Wonderful MSN chatrooms people would make lmfao. I loved them so much. It's how Galen's extensively horrible backstory came to be. \o/ At the same time, I was learning about this amazing new program called AIM back when you could do screenname searches based on like. ONE WORD. That was pretty fantastic.

2. Do you RP anywhere other than LJ?
Not really, no. :c I never really could get behind RPing in forums, that always felt more like a round robin writing exercise. I'd be cool with going back to doing one-on-one AIM RPing, but idk I'd have to know the person decently well to feel comfortable going into all of that again.

3. Do you play in any public games?
polychromatic at this moment in time! I mess around in dear_mun from time to time and I'm working on an app for another game so I can have a change in scenery.

4. Do you prefer first-person comment spam or prose logging?
Comment spams, every time. Prose logging is really taxing on my attention span and I don't think clearly when I have to be ~*introspective*~ and all of that, so first person spamming suits my needs just as well. Not to mention it's a bit faster which is a big A+ with how my time is these days.

5. What was the first character you ever played?
The first OC I ever played was Galen. But the first fandom character I played was Shinobu Morita (Honey and Clover), though only maybe three people remember. He was so fun but didn't last long. ;A; One day I may try to take another crack at him.

6. Who's your favorite character to play now and why?
Hamel. Hamel Hamel Hamel, there's no debate on this. He's such a layered character and I can hit all ends of the spectrum with him. I can have him screaming and yelling and capslocking at a character about the dumbest shit like why the fucking hell they think donabe is better than a kotatsu in the winter. That same conversation can veer off and he can become serious and guarded and have so much depth to him and his words. He's just completely off the wall when he's not being serious and I love it, but I have so much adoration for getting chances to play his more serious moments (as ...few... as they are). Hamel's just a great character that I don't get to play very often. ;A;

7. What's the longest you've ever consistently played one character?
Consistently in one game, nonstop: Hikaru Shidou, coming up on her second year anniversary next week in Polychromatic. ..../throws confetti or something
I'm actually pleasantly surprised I've kept her around this long. Her original app was half-assed and I had no intention of playing her this seriously, but I just can't seem to drop her lmfao. ;A; I've talked about doing it a lot these last three or four months but every time I get up the nerve, something AMAZING happens and I can't do it jflasjf I just really enjoy having a character in my cast that has so much hope and happy and trust.

On and off in various games: Duo Maxwell (currently in Poly).
He was originally in crossuniversity as an AU, which is the character most people there remember me for. He was a lot of fun to play there and I won't use AU as an excuse for how horribly OOC and insane I was with him lmfao ;A; HE WAS FUN, I WON'T LIE, I have many fond memories and on-going jokes from there. I went from Cross to joining Poly, so I took a break from playing Duo for about a year, tried to app him at Poly and got sample request'd. Then I picked him up ...some..where and I can't remember where, I think the13thday for a short stint before idling out. Then I just didn't play him again for another year until amatomnes. I played him there for about three months and then dropped. Then months later I tried soul_campaign where the pacing and mods annoyed me so I dropped like it was hot. And a few months later, tried for Poly again and got him \o/ I'm really happy I decided to try and app him there again, he's a fun character to play. He's almost on the same level as Hamel for me on the entertainment value scale.

Another on and off was Hamel. Originally at crossuniversity. I don't remember doing much with him there, but I do remember the hilariously epic backstory Mae and I had for him and Raiel. Eventually I dropped him from there around '06, then tried to play him in paradisa for a few months. It didn't work out so I dropped and didn't play him again for a while until I threw him into Polychromatic. That was a pretty short go, though I really liked his CR with Penelo from FFXII. A year or so later, I picked him up at Amat, dropped two months later because I decided I'd had enough to do with the place. A few months after that, I dropped Hamel back into Poly and had some of the best fun with him I'd ever had, including but not limited to: turning him into his demon form for Father's day, having him taunt and be taunted by Ranma Saotome and have one of the most awkward friendships with Timothy Hearst ever. I think Ranma and Timothy are my favorite CRs for Hamel I've ever gotten.

8. What's your biggest RP pet peeve?
aaahhhh icons with text, tags that give you nothing to respond to, people deleting/privating RP journals, and that's pretty much it. I mean. I just really really dislike icons with text on them. If it's an icon of a guy yelling idk "FUCK" and it fits, that's totes cool but the icons that have song lyrics or the character's name just bugs me. I don't even care of the icon is pixelated or has a bad resolution, I'll take that over icons with text. ;A; And the tag thing I just. flasjd idk, if I get a tag that has no meat to it, I drop the thread so fast. If I have three or four consecutive tags that end with my character responding, "yes, that's right", or some bland shit, I drop it. I always always try to give tags that have questions to them or will evoke a good response. I may not be successful, but I try because I know I can't stand it. fjalsdjf And why would you ever delete an RP journal. Seriously. A lot of people like to go back and read threads in that journal (I do it more often than I care to admit) so idk. I haven't run into the problem as much as I used to but it's something that still bugs me. >:

9. Do you read RP secrets and the RP anon meme?
I used to read RPS a lot more before and while I modded, not so much now. Like, I'll read it still but I'm not that interested. I don't go through comment pages like I used to, I don't really talk to anyone about it because. ..idk. Modding it made it lose its luster to me. RP anon meme, however, I stalk as much as I can. I like hearing about games, good casts. I never post unless it's to one of those "ANYONE RP FROM ??" threads.

10. If you've played in public before, do you prefer community based or journal based games?
Journal all the way. People complain about the friend add/remove, but I honestly don't see the hassle? The admin console is a Godsend and so is following the game's comm friends list if you're really that lazy with friend add. Every community game I've been in, I either idle out or drop out of within two months of joining. There's just something that feels "off" about them that I can't get past. But I really prefer journal based for archive purposes. Like, take a certain comm game I was in back in 2007. I threaded in a pretty amazing post in this game. I remember the character that posted and I remember what the post was about. But I don't remember the exact date or journal name. Since the mods have since cleared out tags? I will never be able to find it unless I sit for hours digging. If it had been in a journal based game, I could just go to my character's journal, find the other character's and skim through to the entry I want to read back over. It doesn't do much good if they deleted the journal (which ....why would you? SEE PET PEEVE SUBJECT ABOVE) but it's easier to find for me.

11. Would you rather play with someone who's very very IC but a mediocre writer or someone who isn't always IC (but not terrible) and a great writer?
It depends on what you mean by "great writer". Some people have these amazing, well thought out tags that are exemplary in language and execution which I can appreciate. Or there are the people that have really great ideas and can go about them very well but may not have the most elaborate writing skills.

If we're going with the latter definition, I'll take a great writer/not IC every time. You can have the most fun in RP by being a little OOC sometimes, so long as it's not wildly out there. You just have to use your creativity and great writing ideas. ad_interim comes to mind, specifically.

12. Do you have a "RP partner"?
LOL NOT. Really. There are people I enjoy RPing with and people I miss RPing with, but we don't really follow each other to games or do group apps together or anything. If we end up in a game together, hey! We may find a way to get CR together, but it's nothing we actively go for.

13. Do you ever stalk any casts, games, or players? Who?
Nope. If I'm thinking of joining a game, I may stalk it for a month or so first to see how active it is, what kind of posts usually go there, how players run their stuff. Other than that, I don't really go looking for anything. :|a

14. In your opinion, which part of an app is the most difficult/annoying?
RP samples. This is entirely Polychromatic's fault. Three years of writing their apps and getting to know what they look for, it kind of started bleeding over into other game apps and I fit their samples into Poly's type of sample and fjalsjf It's tiring. I'm not an introspective writer; my writing is almost entirely spoken words and action to show a character's motivation while Poly apps require ~*thought*~ and their INNER WORKINGS!!!1! It's something that's always bugged me about their apps. I can understand why they prefer that and I don't knock them for it, but it's exhausting after a while and part of the reason I don't app as much as I used to. And there are some characters that just. Don't introspect. DUO, FOR EXAMPLE, says aloud whatever he thinks and doesn't necessarily hold anything in unless it's like. His actual childhood, which he doesn't think about. So an introspective sample for him is actually almost writing him OOCly to me. But it's just how they are and what they look for, so you get used to it after three years.

15. Are you one of those people who has to customize their character's journal layout and userinfo?
It depends largely on how much I like the character and how long I intend to play them. If I see myself playing them for more than six months, I go ahead and give them a journal header. If I hold onto them for longer than that, I'll do a userinfo. :|a I like making graphics for journals and things, so it's a joy to make something for something other than my own journal.

16. What was your first game?
l-lol konohas_leaves. Horrible future AU Naruto game.I don't think any of my stuff is there anymore but it was journal/AIM based, emphasis more on chat.

17. Are there any canons you avoid tagging characters from?
Hetalia's really the only canon I actively avoid. (a) I don't get it. I don't get the webcomic or the fandom or any of it, why is this even popular. (b) I try to avoid the fandom altogether so I can avoid confliction and debates and everything that comes along with it.

18. Most memorable scene in any thread?
O-oh god I have so many. ;A;

-- Any Wolfwood/Hikaru thread, I love their brother/sister stuff so fucking much aaaahhh PROBABLY. My favorite moments were the back and forth entries of Hikaru knocking Wolfwood out and Wolfwood knocking Hikaru out, that stuff was wonderful.

-- Hikaru and Kurogane and Ahiru and Fai when they were all cursed with the soap opera curse and Hikaru was Kurogane's long lost illegitimate daughter and Ahiru was her long lost twin sister and Fai was secretly a woman who was preggers and Kurogane had disassociative personality disorder IT WAS BEAUTIFUL OKAY SHUTUP

-- Wolfwood, Vash, and Rem around Christmas '07 man. Before uh. Li's Knives killed her. But there was one scene in particular I cry laughing over even now. I can't remember how we set it up, but Rem was cooking something and Wolfwood and Vash had been arguing in their place and Vash was like, "YEAH WELL I'M GOING TO REM'S" and it somehow ended with Wolfwood getting there first and hiding behind the door and punching Vash in the face and Rem just watching like, " ..........". I love it so much lfjalsjf

-- God, any of Doumeki and Hikaru's serious moments. Like the night in the snow after Kurogane came back a second time with no memory of her, or the night after Kid left and they just fought each other in the park at like 5 in the morning. I love them and would like to have more scenes like that.

-- Viral and Simon playing MarioKart. That is always in my top five moments.

-- Not so much an RP moment so much as a "LOL GO US" moment, was Rem and Nero talking so much, Chev and I broke Nero's journal. She used to have customized comment pages for his journal until that post. We had to make an entirely new thread to continue their conversation.

-- Rem's eyes getting ripped out by Amanda Young. That entire plot was just. And there were a lot of other things going on at the same time outside of the game and just. AAAAHHHHH /rips hair out

-- This is more a "me" thing and you wouldn't be able to find it, but back in February '08, I had Hikaru get put into a SAW trap for a grabbag curse. The specific thread that made it memorable was Kid and Tear coming to find her. Getting to RP something like that just. Really made her character for me.

-- Having Haruko dance the "Thriller" dance with Zombies one halloween ;A;

-- I really, really, really loved letting Galen get mindraped by Light when she found out what he was doing to Katan. Writing that scene with them was so ....idk, just. Interesting. I wish I could find it to go back and reread.

THESE ARE ALMOST ENTIRELY POLY and I have so, so many more that I'm always going back and rereading, there are too many that I love.

19. Do you RP sex?
LOL ME AND SEX, TWO THINGS THAT DON'T GO TOGETHER. I dropped out of Amat for a reason, let me tell you.

20. Do you play more males or females?
I used to play almost entirely male, then I joined Poly and played a lot of females. Now I guess it's about half and half?

21. What won't you RP?
lol sex. furries. Anything that I wouldn't let my mother read, tbh. And considering my mother, that gives me a lot of leeway. :|a

22. Dressing rooms: yes or no?
nnnnno. idk why but I can't ever really understand how they work. HOW RETARDED DO I HAVE TO BE fjaldjf /)_(\

23. Ever RPed a pairing?
UNFORTUNATELY. I love them all dearly and I remember each pairing with fondness, but I never go into games or app characters with the idea of shipping in mind. If a ship happens with my characters, it's never planned until like. Right at that moment. I just don't have shipping in mind unless someone shoves the idea at me orz.

24. Favorite place to play: musebox, open posts, public games, private games?
Open posts, public games. That's pretty much it. I'd love to do museboxes but (a) I'm too nervous to ask anyone and (b) when I do, the threads die out within a day so it's like, "lol what's the point". I can't do private games for some reason, idk. I guess having to actually log into a specific journal just to look at updates annoys me.

25. Talking RP with someone else who plays your character: fun or awkward?
I HAVE YET TO TALK TO ANYONE WHO PLAYS THE SAME CHARACTERS AS ME. Except Duo lol. But we never actually talk about RPing Duo and spend most of the time talking about GWing in general. And even then, it's never a long conversation. My castlist is seriously that obscure in the RP realm.


I almost have all my student loan money ready yeeeeeaaaaahhhhh ten days ahead of time too, I'm proud. I CAN DO THIS.

idk there's not really any other point to this post what is my life.
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