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Had some weird dreams. One was about me getting my hair cut in a salon that required I take a full shower first, the second one was me hanging out with Laura and Mae here in a kickass sweet house and Sarah showing up to hang out with us, but the third was about work and one of my coworkers and hnnnggg. It reminds me how much one of our new people is annoying the hell out of me.

Fact: I do not talk about my personal life at work. At all. I understand it probably makes me unapproachable, but I like to keep my personal life and work life separate.

Anyway, so this new girl we got a week ago. She has to get rides from either her boyfriend or brother and sometime late last week her brother waited in our lobby for like half an hour waiting for her while I swept and mopped the front. Didn't really talk much but whatever. Now this certain coworker asks me a day or so later if I'm involved with anyone because apparently her brother's interested? Told her that yeah, I am kind of seeing someone, sorry. But now she keeps annoying me saying, "Oh you need to break up with your boyfriend :)" "what's he like, where's he live? :)" fjalsdjf just. no. It is not her business. I said I'm not interested, it would be common courtesy to leave me alone about it.


Working a late shift tonight, then a morning shift tomorrow so I'm probably coming in and straight to bed :U I'm tired enough as it is hnnggg But after I get off tomorrow afternoon, I have two days off so /o/

Bakuman 70 oh thank God, Bakuman, you're back to what I loved you for. Hattori, why are you so amazing jflasjdf And Eiji *A* I MISSED EIJI SO MUCH AAAAHHHH I LOVE WHAT THEY'RE DOING. Such a genius, Hattori *___* Do want more of this story arc if it keeps up like this.

Mirai Nikki 49 Yuno, you truly are a yandere. Not that I doubted it before, but you're showing it in full form now. :|a and fjlajsdf Hinata noooooo I actually kind of enjoyed her character ;A; Someone kill the 8th and get it over with.

Sat down and read Akuma to Dolce and that is one of the most adorable stories ever. ;A; Do want more of it, but baw short series is so short. I definitely suggest it. It's 9 chapters long about a high school girl that summons demons/devils to do small tasks for her and she pays them with pastries. She ends up summoning a great devil lord and falls in love with him and jflsjdf I love it. ;A; The art isn't the best, but the story's good. >:

Hnnggg my brother's supposed to be coming into town tomorrow, possibly with a new girlfriend. Yeah, I'm going to just hide out in my room. I'm still ....not angry. But upset over what happened the other weekend. I don't think he realizes it. But I want nothing to do with him right now.

ALSO HI, ironside! WELCOME.
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