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I didn't realize when mom asked me to find a dvd player in the shed that works with her bedroom tv that it was code for "make an A/V plugin appear out of nowhere!" I mean, it's one thing to say you can't find a dvd player that works with the tv, but it's something else entiiiiirely when there's no plugin for one to go into. wtf, mom. just. wtg.

mmmm I always did say I'd only drop her if I was leaving the game completely. /stays true to her word. It's going to be kind of weird not being in a game somewhere. I've always been in at least one game somewhere. Hn.

derp I forgot I said I'd go over to my father's tonight to look at his laptop. Something about his camera or something, I can't remember what the problem was. I'll see when I get there. And thank you, father, for wasting one of my texts with "k". You could give a little more than that. Like a time you want me over there, or "thank you, alli" or something. /apathy

I need to call up at work tonight to see when I'm supposed to go in tomorrow. I don't feel like driving all the way over there today since I don't have to. And ugh mom asked me to reorganize the hall closet which is a big no from me. Need to get something to eat and then shower and then sit down and write. Write write write. So much to get out into text, need to do it while I can.
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