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Me: Haha yeah. Who knows, maybe it was just karma. [about my losing a $20 tip a few nights ago]
Maisha: .... Who?
Me: ....Karma?
Maisha: Who's that?
Me: ....It's... the idea that if you do good things and good things come back to you, or do bad things and bad things come back to you.
Maisha: OH! GIRL. You lost me, I thought some girl named Karma had stole your tip from you.

I don't. I can't. I wasn't raised here. I was asleep for twenty-one years and had memories implanted into my mind of a semi-intelligent nursing community. That's all it is. I was raised somewhere else and then my family migrated here while I was traveling. That has to be it. This town, I swear to God. /head explodes
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