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I was well on my way to dreamland because my teeth hurt like a bitch, but then remember I am pissed about something at work!

So have an art post instead as I join noelleno in her endeavor of draw every day.

This is Sam who is a derp. He's a human undergoing his trial to become a demon like his mommy. C: He does fire magic tricks on street corners! His interests include pyromania, not stepping on flowers and not being run over by girls not watching where they're going.

Sam and Girl for height comparison! I don't think Sam actually smokes. It's probably just for show. Or one of those gum cigarettes that puffs out the powder stuff they use in theatre. I think they're making some shit comment about Parole Officer with him walking right behind them. That's just how they roll.

Cerberus gets reincarnated into different dog breeds every couple of centuries and this century, he just happens to be a three headed poodle. That I cannot draw or work out anatomy for at all. Girl got to meet him by getting hired to clip his claws. It was a fun job, let me tell you.

Moral of the story: don't lie to a restaurant's manager to make a faulty complaint. Ever.

I have the weirdest urge to sit and marathon Slayers hmmmmmmm .....,

At least I finally pulled away from listening to Say Anything. /sits on Hush Sound


fairyblue (3:05:58 AM): so, food and cooking is in my family, whether mom realizes it or not. I'm middle class and waitress for a living.
fairyblue (3:06:33 AM): I have a best friend I've been friends with since we were kids, she comes from a fairly well off family, kind of dim but not pretentious. Found out the other day her father is going to be in the mardis gras parade tomorrow night
fairyblue (3:06:49 AM): now, question: do I avoid frogs for the next 12 hours?

thornsmoke (3:07:09 AM): If they don't talk, don't kiss 'em.
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