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I don't really know why work bothered having me there last night. I was there for three hours before I had a table, and ended up with only two tables out of almost six hours of being there. There wasn't anything I could even do in the back, they had more than enough people there to cover everything. I was bored enough that I walked next door and got a copy of World War Z to read. Six hours of supplemental pay, though, so I shouldn't complain.

Hoping my shift in an hour is a little busier. It probably will be, buffet shift and all. Hopefully I can make enough money to cover what I didn't make last night. But truth be told, I'd rather crawl back into bed and take an evening shift aaahhhh. Which reminds me, I think Santana said last night she was calling in hnnnnn. Liz has her scheduled for two weeks straight and no day off, I can't say I blame Santana for wanting to.

I think I'm going to come home this evening, edit my first chapter and then start a Slayers rewatch. I'm waiting on TRY to finish downloading, but if I just ....leave my computer alone lmfao it should probably finished by tomorrow morning/midday. I haven't watched it straight through in one go in a while. This torrent I found is fantastic because it has all the new series with it. I know the shit they pulled but I still haven't seen any of it except the first few episodes and the last. :U Needs more icon material huehuehue.

Well, fifteen minutes to get ready, so you guys have a ....well. As good a Monday as you can. :I

In conclusion, congrats, Saints. 44 years, you deserve all the bragging rights you get.
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