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Wednesday; OFF
Thursday; 10:15am - 4pm
Friday; 11am - 5pm
Saturday; OFF
Sunday; 9am - 3pm
Monday; 10:30am - 5pm
Tuesday; 4pm - 9pm

I think I can totally be down working morning shifts.

/sits on poly 4th wall all weekend huehuehue

hhhh I forgot I have to take mom to work tomorrow so her/my car can be in the shop :|a Need to stop and get gas on the way too hnngggg

AND WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE GETTING SNOW THIS WEEKEND IYAAA~ I don't know if I trust the report of 6-12 inches, but it's something to hope for! And mom might be going to the beach for the weekend, she's got a condo rented that I didn't know about! So uh. Extra hoping for that. I'd love to have some time to myself here that isn't me being half awake.

Also! Percy Jackson Friday night heeee. Gonna call Jennifer, see if she wants to go now that I found her number again. I need to apologize for Mardis Gras too orz.

Man I really want to do that rp meme, but I'm not in any games. 8( /disappoint with self

so idk instead have this


I AM IN AN ODDLY GOOD MOOD considering I just left work about ready to have it out with a customer >:U Man wtf, meeeee oh wait it's because I have snacks. THAT WILL DO IT. /eats everything


HNNGGGG made a deal with K8, so have this one too 8(

"OMG I LOVE YOUR _____": A RP Meme D'Amour : My Thread
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