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Here, have a movie review if you want to go in to see it with a bad mindset.

THAT ASIDE, today was pretty cool. Everything was white, covered in snow when I left for work. Which left me not wanting to be there at all. But it turned out to be a good thing I did. Our CSR (person in the back who answers the phone and folds pizza boxes for carry out/delivery) wasn't able to come in, so rather than have three unneeded servers on the floor, they put me in CSR. Which meant I got paid minimum wage for while I was there YEAH >:U I am totes down with that. I also got off an hour early since the evening CSR girl came in at four, so even better. \o/

Honestly, though, since I spent the entire day answering phones and folding boxes, by the time I got off I felt like I hadn't done anything all day. I wasn't tired or worn out or aggravated like I usually am when I get off a shift. So I don't know. It was an okay day, though. When the snow started melting around mid-afternoon, two of my managers ducked out the backdoor, grabbed some handfuls, and started a snowball fight on my side of the kitchen. I ducked and Robert managed to get Mrs. Kathleen in the leg by the sink really hard. >:D

I was very sad when I stepped out at 4 o'clock to find it was almost entirely melted away. If you looked out at my house at 5, you would never be able to imagine it was covered in white powder just five hours before.

I'm not sure what to do with my Saturday off except wash my sheets and catch up with laundry. Mom's going to be out at Malinda's for a good chunk of the day, so I'll have the house to myself. Hmmmmm /thinks on this

My connection keeps randomly spurting in and out, despite it being connected by a hardline to our router, saying "a network cable has been unplugged". And I am confused. /stares at computer

ANYWAY. I must begin writing my second chapter, so you guys have a great Saturday! ♥
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