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THE GOOD: one of my regular tables gave me a stuffed tiger when they heard me mention that I can't win anything out of our crane machine ;A; SO SWEET

THE BAD: Had a kid at the end of the night that was asking how to play Pacman.

How do you. I mean. He was ten or eleven years old. It's Pacman. /brain explodes

THE WEIRD: I only took four tables the entire night and made as much, if not more than what I would have had I worked my usual section. Moral of the story: take care of your tables and they'll take care of you.

Wednesday; OFF
Thursday; OFF
Friday: 5pm - 10pm
Saturday; OFF
Sunday; 12pm - 5pm
Monday; 4pm - 10pm
Tuesday; 4pm - 10pm

/tops Thorn

the end
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