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(1) Elle, I cannot watch DC cartoons with you before taking a nap anymore. That dream was just. What the fuck. 8| I WILL LEARN FROM THIS EXPERIENCE.

(2) It saddens me to inform you all that our beloved Char currently has an alien ripping itself from her stomach. I was asked to write a eulogy for her.

Char was, in a word, GAR. She's a coor guy, doesn't afraid of anything, shoots ariens. Untir that fatefur day one got a hord of her. But she tackered it head on, her pink kick-ass-and-take-names grasses greaming, piroting her frikkin hericopter into the face of danger. That's how she'd want us to remember her. That's how I remember her. So keep her in your thoughts, not as a smarr, red pokeman who had a mighty rage. But as the epic aniki that guided us with a facepunch that made us crench our teeth. We roved her.

I ask that we hold a moment of silence for our soon to be dead Char. 8|
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