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Excuse me for a moment while I do some site mapping.

For those of us still enjoying our simplistic XColibur LJ setting, the design team has... obviously, very suddenly made changes in the menu links. This change is wholly unneeded as XColibur worked wonderfully and has for the last six years.

But, LJ will probably not revert the changes, so I'm going through the first two menus and listing where things are so you guys don't have to trudge through it.

"Home" = My LJ

"My Stuff" = [your] userinfo page
My Stuff > Message inbox + Statistics + Userpics (manage userpics) + Scrapbook (+upload photos) + Memories + Journal Settings (notification/message settings and the like) + Edit Userinfo
(LJ Team, pssst, I would think "Edit Profile" would be a little more important than, say, statistics and the scrapbook that doesn't work 80% of the time. Putting it as the end choice doesn't make a whole lot of sense)

"Journal" = your main journal
Journal > Post an Entry + Edit Entries + Calendar + Recent Comments (seriously?) + Tags page + Manage Tags + Journal Style (formerly known as "Customize Journal")
This would be a much more efficient menu if they had ...kept the names the same, for the sake of us finding things easier. :|a

Most everything else is pretty self explanatory. One good thing is that they finally put the "Ban or Unban" user option in its own menu rather than forcing you to the LJ console for that.

I'm not sure what else you guys use frequently, but if you're not sure where something is, hit me up and I'll dig around for it. :U

Oh yeah for anyone who I've friended in the last three or four months, you'll soon realize there's no such thing as a "real" hiatus for me. |D; It just gives me an excuse to walk away from the computer for a day or two at a time without feeling guilty. :|a

SPEAKING OF WHICH /walks away to clean house and sleep



LJ's "update" (I have no idea what else they did) has as of now:

(1) caused a long delay in LJ notification emails I don't have a delay anymore, so I'm assuming it's fixed.
(2) messed with LJLogin script software making it unable to change journals LJLogin team fixed their shit quick, so that is now working again.

It's not you or your browser or the program. It's LJ. B|
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