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Last few days have been pretty chill. Spent almost the entirety of Thursday asleep, save for seeing Luis off back to Houston. Didn't wake up until mom came home from Shreveport that evening. I was up long enough to watch Project Runway and talk to some people, but then went right back to sleep around midnight. I think I was tired. :|a I earned that day of sleep.

Spent most of yesterday with Jess. That was mostly hanging out and catching up on the last two years. We went to see How to Train Your Dragon, which was fucking adorable by the way. I recommend it. As she pointed out, I really did like how they made the dragons very cat-like in their movements. Anyway, came home and helped mom out in the yard until it got dark.

Work tonight and tomorrow, not sure how this is going to play out. I know mom can take me to work on her way to a wedding since they're like five minutes apart, but I'm not all that sure how I'm getting home. I sent Christy a message asking if she could if I can't find anything else. I figured I can ask my coworkers if anyone can take me home. Mom's making this so much more stressful than it needs to be. Honestly, how hard would it be to just drop the car off and go out with your friends and ride back with them? Not that hard. I swear, her and her friends have the most needlessly complicated plans.

And after walking away and telling her this idea, things are settled, we just have to wait to hear back about something. Anyway.

/slides back into rp-world

I am content with this. I think I've found my happy place playing Facilier. C:

I think I'm losing my mind trying to find this Titans comic. I don't particularly care for the pairings shoved in my face, but it has some of the nicest Raven art hhhnnnngggg do want. I just cannot find it online for the life of me. Oh, internet, why must you hate Teen Titans so?

I am in a serious need for more 80's music. What is this, why do I lack so.

But I'm still pretty drained, so I'm gonna head off and rest a bit before I have to go to work. It might be hella late by the time I get back, depends on rides, &ct. You guys have a good Saturday. o/
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