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☄ yardwork ughughugh lmf okay nevermind, we're not going out there OKAY
☄ post for Facilier at Elegante
☄ finish log with Jim and Sokka at Elegante
☄ finish log with Doumeki, Wolfwood and Hikaru at Poly
☄ try to put up that meme for Elegante before the Big Boat Plot (tm)
☄ write at least 800 words on new chapter
☄ wash sheets
☄ look up information on cheap dental clinics around town
☄ check job listings in the paper
☄ showershowershower
☄ should probably eat sometime in all of this
☄ upload Trigun M. chapters 1-26 for Rhap

I really can't stand when mom's here with days off during the week. One of these days, I'm going to teach her how to turn that brain off so she can just chill out. Yardwork is for weekends, not during the week. Then again, since I slept so late, I'm not sure we're going out there at all, so who knows.

Had weird dreams that I only remember snippets of. Hm.

My mouth is hurting so much fjlajsdf I understand now why everyone bitches and moans about their wisdom teeth.

Hey, Bahkooruh, are we still up for the Hikaru/Hikaru grabbag thing this month, or did you want to wait another month? Let me know. >:


your synaesthesia.
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