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⇒ Group of guys waiting for a carry out last night made me v. uncomfortable. Started asking me what they had to do to get a free pizza then started hounding me to give them my employee discount. And they just kept watching me the whole time I was working. This was coupled with using my real name and I don't particularly like when people I don't know use my real name. fjlasdjf Very uncomfortable, I was happy when they left.

⇒ More annoyed at my father than usual. I was reminded that despite my brother's alcoholism and irresponsibility, I am still of lower status in this family. I won't go too far into this because it makes me so furious when I start really thinking about it.

⇒ Above point basically results in having to start my car search anew with an incredibly lowered price range I can search in. This does not bode well.

⇒ One of my wisdom teeth grew in sideways which explains why it's biting the inside of my cheek. It's making it very difficult to sleep well at all and my jaws hurt when I wake up more than they usually do.


⇒ I get paid tomorrow! This is always a good thing, I'm just not sure how much. I need like $34 to cover the rest of my rent for April, so I should be good.

⇒ We're paying someone to come mow the lawn today, so that means mom won't have anymore reason to set it on fire. We have just one big burn pile that we're probably going to use for a bonfire at some point.

⇒ Got to talk to hetero lifemate last night and that always makes me feel better. Love the hetero lifemate. ♥

⇒ One of my coworkers gave me the number for a good dental clinic that works with people who don't have dental insurance. I need to talk to mom tonight about calling them, see if they do wisdom teeth.

Oh my Lord, I'm writing an app for a game, I am so terrified and excited fjalsdj aaahhhhhh I need to finish it today before I start having second thoughts jflasjdf I WILL DO THIS.
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