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Right so.

Car has been decided on. I'm getting a '05 Kia Spectra, this except black. The book value on this thing is around $8500, the lot had it priced at $7500, my father knocked them down to $6400. It had some repairs that needed done to it, but the lot says they'll do all the repairs for me, put in a new car battery, etc. So it should be ready to pick up on Friday. They said if they don't have it ready, they'll give me a loaner car for the weekend so I can go to work. I'm kind of excited! I've never had a newish car before. Every car I've had has been at least twelve to fourteen years old. I'm not sure what to do with a car that has a CD player. Or working windows. Or working AC. AAAHHHH WHAT DO I DO. I am not used to this! I'll have to think of a name for it too.

NEVERMIND, I LIED. My father's bank let him in on some details about that lot so we looked elsewhere and found a '06 Chevy Malibu, black, for $5550. Much better deal? I THINK SO. Got the paperwork done and signed and it's now mine. /o/ I just need to disinfect everything because it used to be a rental car. :| That poor car probably has stories I don't want to know about. :|

The guys we hired came and did the lawn yesterday, so there's no reason for mom to set it on fire anymore. \o/ However, we still have burnpiles from all the limbs and shit we cut down this last week, and I really should probably go outside and keep an eye on them.

Man, that rumor about Jensen Ackles playing Leon in the new Resident Evil movie keeps getting more and more realistic, despite no affirmation of Leon even being in the script. I just. No. Please. ;A; I DO really like the new guy they've gotten for Wesker this time around. lol one day I should probably watch the rest of the movies, as much as they... make... me kind of mad. in b4 why do you watch something if it makes you mad. See: Project Runway

I need to actually sit down and download F/SN: Unlimited Codes for my psp. Casey said it's like $9 on the network and hhhhhnnnngggg I'd like to be able to play even when I'm not in Houston. Though I'm not sure how used to the controls I'd be. I've gotten very accustomed to the controls on the Japanese machines, so hm. /THINKS ON THIS

Man things really have strange ways of working out nicely when I finally decide to not worry about them.


jfalsdjf okay next two days:
resume activity in Elegante, try to focus on Poly, finish Veser app tonight


or something idk. I kind of want to sit and do nothing but draw fjalsjf /stares at sketchbook

Okay there is a burnpile that needs my attention /zooms
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