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ITEM 1: sohma and mourir are horrible people. Don't let them fool you. Also, Jane is radioactive.

ITEM 2: dropsofviolet posted a TERRIBLE link from tvtropes that has ruined my immunity to that site. It's Better Than it Sounds and she's right. It did just call for a meme. She only did 20, but fuck that, I'm doing 25. >8D Surprisingly, there are no video games in my list.

1. Celestial bodies (both literal and figurative) murdered repeatedly, humans quickly rendered unimportant.

2. Three perpetually poor farmers want to become blues singers. They fight crime. [NERIMA DAIKON BROTHERS - nodoff]

3. Death employs children to fight a mad god, and watches while they end up going mad in the process. Author is pop culture fan who does it for the lulz and the cool over, and over again. [SOUL EATER - dropsofviolet]

4. Two disgraced angels try to exploit a loophole in Catholicism to kill God and destroy the universe, and it's up to an abortion clinic worker, two stoners, a stripper, and the 13th Apostle to stop them. And there's a monster made out of crap. [DOGMA - jupiterk]

5. King Arthur on a low budget. With many original additions. [MONTY PYTHON'S HOLY GRAIL - jupiterk]

6. A teenager volunteers to be tutored by a reclusive elderly billionaire, putting his social and family life on hold while avoiding questions about what they do together. [BATMAN BEYOND - dropsofviolet]

7. The most popular band in the world opposes their manager without talking. [INTERSTELLA 5555 - nodoff ILU I SWEAR]

8. A child genius takes online roleplaying way too seriously, so his peers take it upon themselves to kick his ass for it.

9. A girl is hired by a group of Bishonen to help fix changing weather patterns. Though it's actually more complicated, they appear to turn into clothes. [PRETEAR - jupiterk]

10. A girl decides that the perfect man for her is the guy who wants to kill her. Yaoi Fangirls flood mecha fansites. [GUNDAM WING - dropsofviolet]

11. The world will be saved by a hot girl with weird name. With the assistance of a cab driver and a cross-dressing radio disc jockey. [FIFTH ELEMENT - w4rp3d]

12. One guy stops caring about his job, another wants to rob his employer, and a third just wants his stuff back. [OFFICE SPACE - terrible]

13. Transvestite Satan gets less screen time than in the American series, and this is a bad thing. [POWERPUFF GIRLS Z - dropsofviolet]

14. A futuristic aristocrat tries to redeem his mom's old boyfriend. [GANKUTSUOU - fullmetalkatu]

15. Military officials assign a man to share a ship with crazy people (including Jason Vorhees) in hopes that he'll get killed. Hilarity Ensues.

16. A fat, clumsy geek becomes The Chosen One and must defeat a Bad Ass prison escapee who has issues with his adopted father.

17. A neurotic ballet dancer takes singing lessons from a serial killer who lives behind her dressing-room mirror. [PHANTOM OF THE OPERA - dropsofviolet]

18. A trigger-happy botanist and an elderly sanitation worker fall in love. Then they rescue some fat people from a steering wheel. [WALL-E - nodoff]

19. A cheerful, 15-year-old boy tries to figure out how he became the main character in Alice in Wonderland. [PANDORA HEARTS - inksmears]

20. An old woman breaks into a con man's house. Romance ensues. [HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE - spellcoats]

21. A bunch of teenagers with nice hats and instrument names set out to kill demons. [VIOLINIST OF HAMELN - nodoff]

22. Dr. Frank 'N Furter, Doc Brown, and a bunch of other blackmail victims run around a big house looking for a murderer and debating simple mathematics. [CLUE - fullmetalkatu]

23. A man finds himself in a Love Triangle involving a dead woman.

24. Two slackers discover that the dead have risen and decide to go to the pub. [SHAUN OF THE DEAD - nodoff]

25. Superweapons are given to mentally unstable children while the adults plot to destroy the world. [NEON GENESIS EVANGELION - inksmears]
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