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I'm actually kind of frustrated with myself, I meant to do this daaaaays ago when the timing was still relevant, but I had to wait until I could find a good copy of this video. Last week was Niisan's birthday so I hope she accepts the late gifts. :U I asked her for a character at the time, and she said Lum so here you go. Happy late birthday, Niisan

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haha oh wow I am so broke now. Oops. Ended up having to have an emergency oil change today, that just wiped out about $50 I had on hold for something else. Normally, I would take solace in knowing I get paid Tuesday, but I don't even get to see much of that money because of my student loan payments. Haha. ha. Had I known this would happen, I wouldn't have gotten my hair cut despite the fact that I love it and am very grateful for it now not looking like a mangled up mess. Shit is not cash. This is all a big problem because mom is coming back into town tomorrow and I was supposed to have gone to the dental clinic before she got back to have my x-rays done. I can't do that now until I work Saturday and get some cash. She can either accept the rent money I left on her dresser or just to deal with me waiting until Monday or Tuesday to go. >:V Haha I don't even want to think about my student loan payments going up after this month. Just.... ha.

Some other rather unpleasant things from work the other night, but what can I do, right? Tried to look into getting part-time work with Centurylink but turns out they aren't hiring anything I'm qualified for. So it's back to square one on this second job hunt.

Uuuhhh yeah nothing else here to see, folks. I need to grab a shower and try to sleep some. I may or may not be called into work tomorrow, idk. I highly doubt it because Liz can be a stubborn old woman sometimes, but it never hurts to be prepared, I guess. Either way, I've got to find a way to get out of the house for the majority of the afternoon/evening tomorrow because I know I'll lose my mind once mom gets back. LOL NOT IN THE MOOD. /)_(\ Not really in the mood for a lot of things but eh whatever. It'll pass.

Okay shower and then Doctor Who because I'm behind and then sleep +_+
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